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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mes Amis Vintage Antiques Fall Show

Join me on Saturday, September 15th for the Mes Amis Vintage Antiques Show. Located on Oak Street in downtown Roseville, California this is one of the best antique fairs in the country!  It was actually recognized as such by Romantic Homes magazine and Flea Market Style magazine!!!

I am packing lots of galvanized.  My pile includes old sap buckets, trash cans, buckets and tubs. 
I'll be bringing a giant turkey feeder too!

Lots of beautiful plants including maidenhair ferns and selaginella moss (pictured above).  I will also be bringing fall favorites like fountain grass, different varieties of coleus and a huge assortment of beautfiul chrysanthamums.

I'm packing a few topiaries too!  Fall is a great time to buy a topiary - - the weather is cooling off and you can use it throughout the holiday season.  We will have ivy, angel vine and lemon cypress topiaries...I'm hoping to bring some little olive trees too!

In addition to the plants I have lots of great antiques including a department store shoe rack, vintage glider and chair, feed sack pillows and lots of garden tools, pots and so much more!

Here are a few pictures of my space at the Spring Mes Amis show.  It was the first antique show I had done in a long time...but we had a great time!

The other vendors at the show go all out!  Sandy from The Olive and Rose organizes Mes Amis and does an incredible job.  This is her darling trailer and amazing space.

The space next to me was shared by The Red Door Antiques and Trish Everett.  AMAZING!

This is truely one of the best antique fairs you can attend.  There is a great selection and good prices.  The best part is the wonderful group of vendors.  It is really a big group of good friends!  Hope to see you there!


  1. I can hardly wait! I love this show!

  2. Hello Aimee. I am your newest follower and I know you don't remember me, I haven't seen you for awhile, but I was a customer of yours when you first opened your shop in Amador City. I am a friend of Sandy's from Country Living and I live in Grass Valley. I've only gotten down to the shop in Sutter Creek a few times, but your shop is as lovely as ever and I always enjoy it when I get to visit. My sister lives in Sutter Creek now so maybe I'll get to visit more often. I would love it if you would visit the Cottage. You would be most welcome..Happy Thursday..Judy

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