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Friday, March 23, 2012

Now available online!

It has been an exciting week for us here at The Antique Gardener!  We were featured in the Spring issue of Souvenir Lifestyle Magazine
I am also happy to announce that I am now selling online! I recently started an online store on Etsy. I have purchased items on Etsy for a year or so and love the community feeling there.  After working out all the kinks I wanted to share our online store with you! 
You can visit our Etsy shop here.

Our online store will include items for your Vintage Home inlcuding these vintage french canning jars.

Vintage Garden items like old terra cotta pots, old tools and plant markers.

 And of course miniature garden supplies.  This is a cute little birdbath.
And this water trough garden shows how to add a birdbath to your miniature scene.  More on the trough garden later!

So, I hope you will take a minute and check out our online shop here.  If there is something you are looking for please let me know and I would be happy to add it to the shop! 
Have a happy Spring day!


  1. Such great news!!!! I am happy for you. Will you be selling it? Cant wait to hear more. See you soon. S.

  2. Is there any further reading you would recommend on this?

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