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Friday, March 1, 2013

Change is Good....right?

There has been a lot going on in my life the last few months. This fall we were finally able to finish building our home (after five very long years!) and moved in a few days before Christmas.

 This picture was taken just a few days ago after a wonderful little snow storm.

The view off our porch.
We all love our new home...but more on it later!

There has been a lot of changes taking place at the shop as well!  We have been doing a little work to our garden area.  The bushes along the fence were getting pretty over grown....

So we pruned them!

This darling couple, Jillian and Matt, were actually married in the yard in 2010.  They used the old doors I had in the corner as a back drop for their wedding.

Well, I am very sad to say that the darling little corner is no longer there.
We are opening up our garden to welcome new neighbors. 

Greg and Sharon Baiocchi from Baiocchi Wines in Fairplay will be opening a tasting room in the little house next door.

So, to really make some changes, Dusty brought in the backhoe.  I never thought there would be a tractor in the yard at my shop!

But once he finished (and hauled off three dumptruck loads of dirt) we have a nice level area that will become a paver patio later this month.  Guests to the tasting room will actually enter through our front gate, travel up a walkway through beautiful flower beds and end here at the tasting room.  You will be able to taste wine while relaxing on a nice shady patio.  We will also be using the patio for special events and classes.

It may not look like much right now....but soon we will have the yard looking like this again...or maybe even a little bit better.  Change is good....right!?!


  1. Your new home looks absolutely gorgeous, well worth the wait I am sure? Good luck with all the changes at work I am sure it sounds very exciting, a little wine tasting with your gardening! Love Linda x

  2. Hi Aimee, I've been patiently waiting for a new post and then I missed it right away! Your new home looks so beautiful, but I can't imagine it looking any other way if your shop is any indication. How beautiful (more) it will be with the new additions to the garden. How lucky is that winery? For once, I can say, after reading about all the great shops in blogland that I am too far away to see, that I can't wait to visit your shop again and look forward to hearing more about the new house..Happy Weekend..Judy (Grass Valley)

  3. Hi Aimee, I'm not from your area...but love your style. My daughter in law and I are planning a trip to your shop this week....fun. Happy Day
    Are you opening on Thursday?

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  5. Sweet cottage dreams posted on your shop. loved it, Doris

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