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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Blossoms

 It is starting to look like Spring here in northern California!  One of the first signs are the beautiful blossoms on wild fruit trees in our area.

I always have so many comments about our blossom branches.  Visitors are generally surprised that they are real.  They are equally surprised that I am willing to bring them inside as they do tend to make a mess!
But, everyone agrees that they are so beautiful and well worth the extra work once the petals drop.

I was even able to get a close-up.  Can you smell Spring in the air?

I recommend cutting branches on your own property or getting permission from a friend or neighbor.  Please do not cut blossoms from trees that are grown for fruit or nut production. Even though there may be a lot of trees you just cut off a hardworking farmers livelihood!

I always cut from trees that grow wild along roadsides or stand alone in fields on my parents property.  Most of the early blooms are from almond, plum and cherry trees. Often, these trees are so old they rarely go on to bare fruit so sometimes it can be hard to know for sure what type of blossoms they really are.

I love these branches which are sitting under the skylight in my shop.  They look great on this chippy old blue and white metal patio table.

I generally try to cut longer branches to make a real impact.  Try to find branches with unopened buds so that they will last longer.

I added these blooms to a willow wall basket.  I placed a mason jar of water to the bottom to keep them fresh.  Wouldn't this look great on a front door?  I hope this inspires you to bring a little of the outdoors into your home.  Enjoy your Spring...I'll be back soon to share some exciting news at the shop!
Happy Spring!


  1. I always love the first blossoms of the season, especially the almonds, it tells me Spring is well and truly on her way! Here in Arnold (across the hill from you)we don't have any blossoms on the trees yet but there are some in Murphys.
    I guess I will have to paint me some on some of my old scruffy boards and make do with that.

  2. A beautiful sign that spring is here!

    I'm glad you shared the etiquette on 'taking' from the trees.

  3. We don't have spring yet here in Colorado :( I loved seeing your photos, they scream spring to me. Just gorgeous! I love the basket and the pail you placed them in.


  4. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! My neighbor always brings branches over from her plum tree for me and they are beautiful and such a great way to decorate for Spring-time.....~Ashley

  5. Beautiful Aimee,,I love going into your shop and do so about 2 x a month..You have so many things that remind me of Audrey and how much I loved your grandma..Hugs and smiles Gloria