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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Getting Back to Blogging

The last few months I've had to take a little break from my blog.  Like many of you I'm juggling work, home and kids and my blog seems to be the easiest thing to set aside when life becomes overwhelming.

But, after a busy holiday season at the shop I am looking forward to discovering new inventory, new events and new ideas for the coming year.  What really helped me get back to this blog though was being around a great group of creative and inspirational friends, junkers and bloggers.

I had the pleasure of spending a morning at the shop with a group of incredibly talented women.
Pictured above: Maria from Dreamy Whites, Melanie from the vintage bricoleur in Loomis, Jacque from Old Soul Studios, Zizi from The Green Mum, Trish from The Red Door in Elk Grove, Sandy from The Olive and Rose and Terry, also from the vintage bricoleur.

We enjoyed some treats including coffee courtesy of Maria, treats from Jacque, cinnamon rolls from Andrae's Bakery in Amador City and some fresh squeezed Blood Orange Juice.
(photo courtesy of the vintage bricoleur)

 Maria and Sandy getting to know each other better.
(photo courtesy of the vintage bricoleur)

Trish and Zizi catching up.
(photo courtesy of the vintage bricoleur)

The weather even cooperated and we were able to sit in the garden and enjoy a little sunshine while we visited.  After being around this group of hard-working, creative women I have started thinking of new ideas for the shop and this blog so check back soon to see what's new!
 Thank you girls for coming up to visit. I hope we can get together again soon!

(If you would like to plan a get-together at The Antique Gardener for a group of your friends please give me a call!   Aimee)


  1. Hellooooo Aimee!*!*!
    Soooo glad you're blogging AGAIN... Maybe it's now a good time to link up with you - with pics from our December Visit to your shop!!! Lucky Ladies - sitting outside with GREEN GRASS under foot!!!
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  2. Aimee, that was such a fun day! BTW our Blog Forum went over very well, and we are planning another one. I hope we can coordinate our schedules this time. :) Terry