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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shop Pictures

My friend Maria from Dreamy Whites was nice enough to come by the shop and take some amazing pictures for me. Here are just a few (I have to learn how to make them larger!) and I will be sharing more very soon! Thank you Maria - you're an amazing photographer!!!


  1. Would so love to visit your shop in person.....that bench in the last picture is just what i am looking for - assume it would be quite spendy to ship? Also, wanting more worn pots like you show to add to my pot rack outdoors! You'll have to share your secret how to weather them with me? xoxo

  2. Make it a road trip! It is a great old glider although it does need new ball bearings to glide smoothly. Shipping would probably be crazy...but we have some great antique fairs in our area - you could make it a shopping spree! As for the pots - time, water and dirt work best for me - don't bother with yogurt tricks. I sit pots in a shady wet area with another mossy pot and let mother nature do her thing! If you get the pots dirty the moss seems to grow faster - they actually have left over soil inside. Hope that helps! Love your garden on your site - I'll add you to my blog!!

  3. Hi Aimee
    Found you via Maria's blog and so love your shop. Unfortunately the only way I will ever see it is here,(you are a bit far away to pop over). Love the shabby chic look, and often bring garden antiques inside, so will be back again if only for more inspiration.

  4. Hello,
    I found your blog via Naria. The pictures of your shop are amazing! Love it all!

  5. OH your shop is just pure eye candy..just left Marias ...now if only we lived in the same country!!! All the best,Chrissy

  6. Just came over from Maria's. I could just move in your shop! love old garden goods, come visit when you can.

  7. Hello Aimee! I am so glad Maria sent me your way. I think your shop is pure heaven. Wish I could visit, but from Louisiana, I'll just admire from your blog now. I absolutely love using flea market items in my garden; and I am getting a lot of inspiration from you! I'll be following along now.
    Becky C
    Buckets of Burlap

  8. Hi Aimee,

    I found you through Maria:). Your shop is gorgeous and I wish I lived a little closer so I could visit in person! Your blog is just wonderful, too!


  9. just found your blog, and love it... hope to visit your shop when I next visit CA. One suggestion, however. PLEASE put a button at the top of the page where one can turn OFF THE MUSIC!


  10. Found you through Maria's blog. You have a wonderful little shop. So many beautiful things in there. You have a very nice blog as well, I hope to visit often. Check out mine too, when you have a moment. Have a super day.

  11. Aimee,

    I was so excited to see your shop come by on my blogroll this morning. The pictures are gorgeous and your shop looks amazing!Take care.


  12. beautiful! so inspiring, i have a small cottage shop and have had sum winter blahs, wish u were closer!

  13. Very nice blog.
    You might like mine carrocino.blogspot.com
    I am a sales rep in Southern California and sell to similar type stores.

  14. Beautiful shop!! Great blog! Can't wait to see what's coming next!

  15. Hej
    You have a wonderful shop!
    Found you via Maria's blog...
    Love your style.
    I'll be popping by for lots of inspiration
    Nice *to meet you*
    Happy spring days!

  16. Hello, I met you about a year ago at the Sacramenro Antique Faire. I lost the info you gave me, but I remembered your store name. Today, when I read Maria's blog I was thrilled to see that it was you. I love all the pics of the shop. Hopefully someday I'll make it there in person. If you like, head on over to my blog thevintagebricoleur.blogspot.com, to see updates of what we sell at the Antique Trove, Alameda,and Sacramento. Terry P.S. I am your newest follower.

  17. Popped over from Maria's blog as well. Welcome to blog land, you'll love it.

    Your shop photos are amazing that Maria shared with us. I'm not sure how far away you are from where I live (Wine Country) but I'm going to have to look into a road trip I think.

    Happy week!
    ~Tracie, My Petite Maison

  18. Hi Aimee....

    I saw your feature at Dreamy Whites and Guy Wolff Pottery jumped right out at me. His studio is about 20 minutes from me here in CT. Gorgeous photos....

    Take care,

  19. I love your shop! It's just gorgeous! I wish lived near by!

  20. Hello I just popped over from Dreamy Whites, your shop and blog are just divine, I wish I could call in person. Who knows what the future holds. I wish you every success and I will look forward to following, love Linda x

  21. Love, love, love your shop. If only you were closer!