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Monday, March 21, 2011

Daffodils in Bloom

Since it has been so cold and rainy the last few days - well, actually weeks here in northern California - I wanted to share pictures of our beautiful miniature daffodils that are blooming right now.
Because of the weather it's hard to believe today is the first full day of Spring!

Pretty paper napkins, notepads and boxes of soap with daffodils and butterflies. They make a great Spring hostess gift or a treat for yourself or a friend.

I created the planter (above) using a vintage galvanized chicken feeder. After punching a few holes in the bottom of the feeder for drainage, I filled it with mini daffodils and scotch moss. The scotch moss has an almost florescent green color that is great for Spring. I love having the bulbs sit just out of the potting soil. They'll survive this way while they are blooming but this isn't a permanent home. After Easter I will allow the leaves to dry on the daffodils and then plant them in the garden. The scotch moss will probably be moved to a miniature garden.

The planter is sitting on a vintage green metal glider. Next to the glider is an old galvanized drawer that I sat on end to use as a side table. The lamp is one I made out of a salvaged post.

This big basket of mini daffodils greets my customers as they walk up to the front door of the shop. Minis daffodils are a great Spring flower. The bulb sprouts multiple flowers rather than one or two blooms like a full-size bulb. Also, if you dead-head the spent blooms it will continue to produce flowers for a couple weeks. The bulbs can be saved in a pot or planted in the ground 4-6" deep in full sun and the pretty Spring flowers will return again next year!

(All items in this post are for sale. Please call or email me for pricing.)


  1. Hi Aimee,
    Nice to "meet" you! I just came over from Dreamy Whites. Your shop looks wonderful and the next time I'm in Sutter Creek I will definitely stop in and say hi! Welcome to blogland! ~Delores

  2. Hi there, Visiting here from Dreamy Whites. Your shop looks wonderful! Wish I could visit in person, but I'm all the way across the country in NJ. :) Welcome to blogging!
    @Little Red House

  3. Thanks for sharing those pretty daffodils! And some really good ideas for arranging them too. It is a good thing that spring is finally here. We had a horrible winter in New York. So it is a welcome sign that everything is blooming again!

  4. thank you for the daffy's... and whisper of spring!

  5. Gorgeous!! Xoxoxo 1942charm.blogspot.com

  6. Greetings from New Zealand i just found your blog from Marias Dreamy Whites blog.....your shop is absolutely gorgeous and beautifully set out in a creative way.....if i lived closer i would visit often!!!

  7. Hello Aimee, just over from Dreamy Whites. Your shop and blog are absolutely delightful, it so nice to meet you. Thank you for the lovely yellow daffodil fix!
    Happy Spring...
    xo Jessica

  8. The daffodils are so pretty! I did not know that about the mini ones- I'll try them! Daffodils were my mother's favorite flower and I think they might be mine too. Love your blog- I cam via Dreamy Whites. I live in Sacramento and a girlfriend and I will be making the trip out to say hi one of these days! Are you open on Sundays?

  9. I am so going to get to know you and your galvanized garden antiques, I am going to enjoy your posting :)

  10. Your post turned lamp is wonderful! Great blog I am a follower!

  11. I also came over from Dreamy Whites. How I wish I could stop by your beautiful store! I love it! I am for sure your newest follower, I wouldn't miss seeing all of your awesome ideas on gardening and design.


  12. I love Sutter Creek, I live over in Arnold and need to come visit. Your shop looks like my kind of place! See you soon! I need to get out of this dratted snow and see some green!

  13. What a lovely little shop you have! I would love to come and visit! I just found you through Dreamy Whites. :)

    ~ Stop by our blog when you get a chance we have a shop too!