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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Auction Day!

I receivced an auction flyer in the mail a while back. My favorite store - Good Goods in Visalia, CA - was closing its doors. Not a victim of hard times or the recession, Jim and Sandy were closing for personal reasons. I was heartbroken. This store is where I go for new merchandise, for new ideas and for new inspiration.

So, I packed up the husband and kids, hooked up the trailer (well, Dusty does that for me!) and headed to my in-laws home near Visalia.

Good Goods is located in a rural farming area on the outskirts of Visalia, about 50 miles south of Fresno, CA. Good Goods can be found on a beautiful property that is home to a 4,000 square foot barn, beautiful Victorian home as well as other outbuildings - all full of great antiques. They specialize in industrial furniture like lockers and workbenches, white painted furniture and other unusual antiques. There is new decor mixed in as well as the best faux flowers you'll ever find. I have never been one to like things faux - but I buy some almost everytime I'm there because their displays are so great!

My mother-in-law Betsy joined be me for the auction and we arrived bright and early Saturday morning. I was so excited and a little sad at the same time. I have shopped at Good Goods for so long I couldn't image them closing their doors! On the other hand I was there to shop, there was great stuff and I was excited to start bidding.

There were about 400 items in the auction but there was one I had wanted to buy for years. It was white metal bench with stars on it. It was originally used in a doctor's office waiting room. I had first seen it 4-5 years ago but could never justify spending that much money. I was hoping it might go for a bargain price - we'll see!

Well, the auction was a blast! Most of the items sold quickly and for very reasonable prices - some were an absolute steal. I was amazed how quickly things were sold and learned that you have to make decisions fast. I also learned what a thrill it is to hear "Sold! to number 168!" That was so much fun it could get you into trouble - fast!

I went home with some great items - but sadly enough, not the white bench. It was one of the very last pieces in the auction but someone else was clearly in love with it too. I sadly sat in it one last time....

Overall, the auction was a great experience and I learned some valuable lessons. Buy what you love when you see it. Set price limits for yourself ahead of time - but don't be afraid to raise that number just one more time. Sometimes items you thought were totally out of your price range can go for a lot less than you realized. Most importantly - have fun.

The best part - a month after the auction I called Good Goods to see if they were still having the second scheduled auction for July. Well, they decided to cancel the remaining auctions and keep their doors open. That was the best news of all!!

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