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Weddings, Showers and Parties

Last fall I was lucky enough to help out a friend by having her daughter's wedding in the garden at my shop.  It was a beautiful wedding, primarily because the couple, Jillian & Matt were so happy and in love - their surroundings really became insignificant. 

Since then I have decided to rent out our garden area for small weddings, bridal and baby showers and birthday parties for all ages.  Our location is not for everyone - especially since we can only accomodate 60-75 guests. Our garden also has a definite vintage feel.  Old doors made a unique backdrop for Jillian & Matt's vows.  Galvanized buckets and antique mowers are used throughout the yard for decoration.  But roses, lavender, hydrangeas and hostas surround an eighty-year-old Japanese maple tree that takes center stage in our garden.  At night white lights outline the yard and fill the trees.  It is really a lovely place.

If you are looking for a unique venue for your special day, please contact Aimee for more information at 209.267.5551.  I will post more information and details for events so please check back soon!